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This booklet contains information from the presentation “Together With Little Carlos,” (arranged by OB/OG under the sponsorship of the student’s association and Kyoto Branch of the university’s alumni association)which was held at the Trias Festival of Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine and its Nursing School (College of Medical Technology) between November 3-5, 1993.

“Little Carlos” was a Mexican boy, one year and two months old. He was diagnosed with lymphatic malformation, and came over here to Japan to the Children’s Research Hospital, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, to receive a new treatment now available only in Japan for this intractable disease. His family had to raise money from the sale of their house and car. After knowing this fact, I decided to establish the “Fund for Saving Children of the World Who Suffer from the Intractable Disease Lymphatic Malformations.” The response to the establishment of this fund was tremendous, and donations came from many kind individuals.

Although the establishment of the fund came merely from my strong desire to be of some help to Carlos’s family, some students took special note to my actions. This summer, Mr. Masaaki Kuroda, 4th year student of the Medical School, and Ms. Yukari Kuroki, 2nd year student of the Nursing School, came and requested me to make a presentation at the Trias Festival. My first understanding was that they wanted me to make a presentation on the new treatment OK-432 therapy against lymphatic malformations now drawing attention of the medical society. However, I was wrong. They wanted me to discuss about the way “that a doctor should be when treating a patient.”

I did understand at that time that the students were interested in studying medicine not just as a science but they wanted to know how to become a doctor of humanity, able to stand face to face with suffering patients. I was much pleased to hear such words from such young students, and was willing to take on the job.

The presentation took place from 10:00 to 11:40 AM on November 3. Because this was not like my usual presentations at meetings of the medical society, I was not fully satisfied with my discourse. Therefore, I decided to write this booklet, should there be anything I left out or misunderstood during my public lecture. It is my great pleasure if this booklet can be of any service to deepen your understanding.



Shuhei Ogita
December 1993

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