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To all my friends here today at the Trias Festival: Good Morning everybody and welcome to this session.

Let me start by asking a question to all of you. What would you do if you noticed that a small child, not yet able to crawl, might die from a disease - that is, a disease which is not treatable in the child’s home country - a disease that is only treatable at a distant and foreign place across a vast ocean? How would you act, if you were the child’s father or mother?

Geraldo Perezares came over here to Children’s Research Hospital, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine from Mexico crossing the Pacific Ocean, hoping to get help for his son Carlos suffering from this serious illness.

A correspondent of the Mainichi Newspaper in Mexico, Mr. Yoshinori Nakai, wrote as below in the opening remarks of his article titled, “Let prayer for help reach the Miracle God! A boy suffering from an intractable disease bets his ‘small life’ on Japan” in Sunday Mainichi Weekly Magazine:

“Across the Pacific Ocean, from Mexico, came a ‘small life’ seeking help from doctors of Japan. It was ‘Little Carlos,’ a boy only a year and two months old. His mother’s prayer for help echoed so deep into my heart. Will her prayer reach the Miracle God?”

What made the Carlos’s family to turn to a distant country Japan in the Far East?

Today I will speak why this Mexican patient has come all the way to Kyoto for treatment.

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