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We welcome your donation​

Support us

We manage our activities with the donation from individuals or groups who wish to support our activity. Your donation will be used for necessary expenses to maintain and develop our activities. Your donation in any amount would be much appreciated. Following is our account detail.

Our account
  • Bank : Mizuho Bank Tsujido branch

  • Address : 13-16, Tsujido, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa, Japan

  • Account name : NPOhoujin Linpakanshutotomoniayumukai

  • Account No. 2088690

  • Swift Code : MHCBJPJT

For tax payer in Japan

If you are a tax payer in Japan, your donation is tax deductible for income tax and resident tax. Please inform and ask us to issue the receipt of your donation when you remit us.

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