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Greeted by a mariachi

I would now like to introduce a video. This was filmed in June 1993 during the visit with Dr. Tsuchihashi, Head of Pathology Dept. of University Hospital, to Providence Memorial Hospital in the U.S. and Centro Medico Hospital in Mexico.

To our surprise, we were greeted with music by a mariachi band after a long flight to Mexico.

Newspapers and TV’s in the U.S. also made coverage on OK-432 therapy and Little Carlos, and the “Little Carlos Fund U.S.A.” was established. I also appeared on television and gave explanations on lymphatic malformations and on OK-432 therapy.

Now, I would like to return to Little Carlos. This is a video during Carlos’s family’s stay in Kyoto, made possible by Mr. Takeshi Maeda, reporter of Kyoto Branch, Yomiuri TV.

I think Carlos’s family will spend Christmas in Kyoto this year. With the help from the fund, they plan to come to Japan on December 5. From the 6th, Carlos will be hospitalized for three weeks and will receive therapy. The first priority is to treat the lymphatic malformations compressing the trachea and the gullet. Because Carlos had received surgery first, our treatment was made very difficult. His father Geraldo was aware of the situation very well.

Crossing the Pacific Ocean and being treated by a foreign doctor in a foreign country – how Geraldo is feeling?

Believing in faith from God and praying for miracles, they came to us for mercy. I really wish to do all what I can do.

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