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Discovery of my treatment: "Japan has the best solution"

Geraldo searched through journal articles at a library in the U.S. It was then that he came across my article in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery (vol. 26, 263-270, 1991). “This was it… Nightmares will be over. A normal life will return.” Dr. Monrroy agreed as well.

Geraldo’s next project was in getting contact with the author of the article - me. Geraldo wrote a letter to me, but for some reason, it did not get to me. Geraldo, then wrote a letter to the Japanese Embassy in Mexico City. The letter, dated February 17, 1992, read as follows:

“I wish to obtain a direct contact with these doctors, and inquire further about the result of their research. I am asking a great favor of his Excellency of Ambassador Tanaka and Medical Consultant of the Embassy Dr. Morino, to help me with the procedures. My son Carlos’s second operation is scheduled for next March.”

To Dr. Morino, this was the first request from a Mexican citizen for direct help to Japan on medical procedures. Geraldo’s strong wishes reached me through Dr. Morino. This was the first point of contact between Little Carlos and me. This all happened in April of last year.

Thereafter, Carlos’s medical history, photograph, ultrasonic records, and results of CT and MRI scans were sent to me by air mail, and an investigation into the possibility of successful treatment was immediately conducted. Telephone calls and faxes went back and forth between Ciudad Juarez, Mexico City, and Kyoto. At that time, I did not know that Ciudad Juarez was hundreds of km away from Mexico City.

I predicted the success of the treatment, but felt that it would be a big burden for the family to come over to Kyoto for the treatment. I suggested that Carlos would receive treatment in his home country.

However, the medicine used for the treatment was not familiar to Dr. Monrroy and the medical community of Mexico. The drug was not yet approved in the U.S. In addition, because the area of treatment was the neck, the doctor in charge had to have much experience in such treatment. Considering all these factors, a decision was made for the family to go to Kyoto for the treatment.

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